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Isha Hatha Yoga

Isha Hatha Yoga


Isha Hatha Yoga

“If you can break the limitations of the illusion that you are separate, and begin to experience the oneness of the existence, that is yoga. To lead you towards the experience of yoga – of union and boundlessness – we manipulate the energy and move the system in a certain way. Physical postures are one aspect of this. Understanding the mechanics of the body, creating a certain atmosphere, and then using the body or body postures to drive your energy in specific directions is what Hatha Yoga or yogasanas are about. Hatha yoga is not exercise.” Sadhguru

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Vaneeta Mahtani
Vaneeta is an Isha Classical Hatha Yoga Teacher, Nutritional Therapist, Wellbeing Coach and author of the book “Bliss Junkie”. Originally from London, UK, Vaneeta is now based in Toronto, Canada and offers Isha Hatha Yoga classes and Wellbeing consultations through her company Yoga Logic. She specializes in teaching private yoga sessions and one-on-one wellbeing coaching, tailored to each individual's needs.

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