Juice Cleanse

Deep Cleaning

Many people ask me, why juice? And what happens to all the goodness you get from the fruit or vegetable itself, as in the fibre.

Don’t we need this fibre?
Well yes, fibre is good, but we juice for a different reason.

When we eat anything, there are a lot of processes that the body goes through for that food (assuming its food you’re eating!) to go from its original form to the end product. So for a biscuit to be broken down and ingested requires numerous processes, starting with breakdown of the sugars in your mouth.

Then there’s a whole digestive process it goes through, before the liver has to do its job before what is left ends up in our systems.

Now I used the example of a biscuit because a biscuit is not the easiest of foods for the body to breakdown. An off the shelf cake or biscuit generally contains ingredients such as sugar, wheat, margarine, additives, preservatives and who knows what else. None of the ingredients mentioned are either perfectly natural or at all easy for the body to breakdown. For example, white sugar is synthetic and man-made.

When you put unnatural foods into your body, it takes a lot of effort for your system to break it down. Often, the system is not equipped to do this and does not have the required enzymes for example, or it taxes the system far too much.
The bodily organs then become overloaded, they don’t function to their optimum which can lead to issues such as digestive complaints like IBS, or compromised liver function or ‘leaky gut’. All of which lead to a lot of discomfort and more serious issues down the line.

If we regularly eat a diet of unnatural, highly chemically altered foods, as most people in the population do, then the toxic load on the system becomes very high over time, and organs like the liver start to function below par.
Hence, it is best to give these organs a rest from time to time.

And, it is obvious that we need to nourish our bodies with good quality nutrition.
This is where a juice fast comes in. By ingesting high quality nutrients in juice form you ensure that these nutrients go straight into the blood stream.

How does juicing work?
By using a masticating juicer, you extract just the juice, without the pulp, ensuring all the nutrients remain intact (as minimum oxidisation has taken place). By just consuming this nutrient dense juice, the good stuff goes straight in to the blood stream without the body needing to get involved in any other processes to break it down.

So yes, whilst we need the fibrous part of the vegetable, it’s actually highly beneficial to give the bodily organs like the liver and the digestive system a break from time to time.

This allows them to recover, benefit from the nutrients going in, and to become more efficient as they take a break from having to break down toxins all the time.

Expelling toxins
When doing a juice fast however, you still need to make sure that the toxins already in the system are expelled, especially as juicing releases a lot of the old matter stuck to the intestines, so a lack of fibre must be compensated for with ingested fibre known as psyllium husk.Psyllium husk will assist faecal elimination along with another process called an enema.

This leaves you cleansed and detoxed after a few days of a juice fast, with a high content of nutrients in the blood.

That can’t be bad now, can it?
If you are interested in doing a juice fast, we are here to guide you through the entire process.
You can make the juices yourself and use us for advice and support, or we can make the juices for you as well, leaving you with nothing to think about except relaxing and looking after yourself for those few days.

In both cases you will be told what supplements and equipment you need to buy to make sure the fast is done correctly. We will also guide you through the process step by step.

You can choose to do a 1, 3 or 7 day fast.
Before you begin, you will need to undertake a full nutritional consultation to ensure the fast is for you.

All packages include:

  • Advice on what supplements to buy and instruction on how they should be taken
  • Instruction on how to perform a water and coffee based colonic irrigation and what equipment is needed
  • Guidance on preparation for the fast
  • Guidance on coming off a fast
  • 2 skype sessions for a 1 day fast, 3 skype sessions for s 3 day fast and 5 skype sessions for the 7 day fast

We can prepare the juices for you.

Pricing Structure
We start with a full nutritional consultation to ensure a juice fast is for you. This is priced at £75.

Nutritional Consultation1-day fast3-day fast7-day fast
Without Juice *75250350
With Juice75100300455

* We will advise you on which juicer to buy

A 1-day fast is for those who just want to try out fasting before they actually commit to a longer programme. There will no time to incorporate all the components such as colonic irrigation and the supplemental routine.

Group prices can also be arranged.